Detection Scanners & Preventative Control Systems from EIT International

In the rapidly evolving world of regulatory legislation, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and industry compliance for the liquid food, beverage, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries in particular, our products, as well as our strategy and decision making,  adhere to the highest standards of environmental and corporate social responsibility, giving our customers and their employees peace of mind.

Whatever the industry sector, EIT International’s preventative control technology systems can facilitate improved performance and efficiency, delivering a realistic return on investment in a fast turnaround, short time frame.

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Biofilm & Bacteria Scanners

Surface Integrity/Crack Detection Scanners

Heat Exchanger Integrity Systems

Pasteurisation Residence & Validation

Bactiscan™ and BactiscanPRO™

User-friendly handheld bacteria and biofilm detection systems that utilise proprietary wave-alternating UV light technology to locate surface contamination, especially as a prelude to ATP swab testing in production facilities. Being lightweight, and easy-to-use, one operator can examine large areas quickly, with minimal training required. The Bactiscan & BactiscanPRO are environmentally friendly and safe for people and products, as it requires no chemicals to generate results.

Benefits offered by the Bactiscan™ and BactiscanPRO™

  • Immediately isolate areas of bacteria, biofilms, mould, product residue and many other contaminants
  • Inspect large surface areas quickly and easily
  • Environmentally friendly, non-invasive, and safe to handle/use
  • For most areas, downtime is not required
  • BactiscanPRO™ utilises still photography and video capture capability for maintenance and remedial works
  • Can help save money by making other testing, such as ATP swab tests, more targeted and efficient


A surface bacteria and biofilm detection system using EIT Internationals wave-alternating UV light technology, designed to inspect awkward to access areas and inside pipework. Images or video captured can be uploaded to an internal quality system for audit purposes or documented corrective action. Extremely environmentally friendly as it requires no chemicals or dyes.

Benefits offered by the Bactiscope™

  • Camera can inspect up to 5m, into awkward and hard-to-reach areas such as pipework or behind equipment
  • Immediate results on screen and able to record findings
  • Minimal downtime and easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly and safe to handle/use
  • Ideal addition to in-house maintenance and cleaning protocols for regulatory compliance

Magnerscan MAG3

Aimed at users of storage vessels, the MAG3 has been designed to detect both metallic surface imperfections and sub-surface cracks or pit-holes that harbour contaminants electronically, using a magnetic field and an array of close-contact, inline sensors to highlight areas of concern. Superior to dye penetrant tests, the MAG3 does not rely on harmful chemicals. It is also a substantially faster testing method than standard eddy current tests.

Benefits offered by the Magnerscan MAG3™

  • Can locate both surface and subsurface defects
  • Minimal downtime and easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly - no dyes or chemicals used
  • Up to 200 times faster than eddy testing
  • Can be easily calibrated to use on different metals


It is possible conduct integrity testing of plate heat exchangers aka, PHEs, without the need to dismantle equipment or use dyes. The Gappscan is a compact unit that can be operated by a single person, simply using the power of water. Safer for the user and the environment, it requires no chemicals or dyes, and production downtime is minimal for the business as the PHEs do not need to be dismantled.

Benefits offered by the Gappscan™

  • Minimal downtime and easy to use
  • Finds cracks and surface imperfections as small as 5μm
  • Works on all types and sizes of PHE with no dismantling of equipment needed
  • Environmentally friendly - no dyes or gases used
  • Ability to track changes over time - test results are saved


Non-intrusive pasteurisation testing/validation without the need to stop production. Pasflo™ validates pasteurisation residents and flow rate during production and can be operated by a single person. Perfect for ISO accredited organisations, Pasflo has full traceability, not just where and when the test was done but also the test results.

Benefits offered by the Pasflo™

  • Non-invasive testing method
  • Checks the holding time of the finished product
  • External sensors mean there is no need to stop production
  • Environmentally friendly - no dyes or gases used