About Us

EIT International, with regional offices in UK, Ireland, France & North America, is an industry leader in the development and supply of environmentally friendly preventative controls & detection systems for the liquid food processing, nutraceutical, pharma-medical and petrochemical industries. We achieve success by working closely with our customers on reducing down-time for preventative maintenance programmes for our global client base and helping to eliminate expensive market recall through proven technical expertise.

Products/ Services include: Bactiscan biofilm & bacteria scanners, Magnerscan surface integrity & crack detection scanners, Gappscan heat exchanger integrity quantification kits, and Pasflo pasteurisation residence & flow validation systems.

Originally established as Easytesters Ltd. in 2007 and acquired into the group of companies owned by PE487 Ltd. in December 2019, EIT International is headquartered in Winchester, UK with regional offices in Ireland, France, North America, Spain and Mexico. Additionally, we have also partnered with resellers across the globe which allows us to service customers across the European, North American, Asian and African continents. EIT International works closely with our customer base through direct engagement or through our global network of authorised partners. Whatever the industry sector, EIT International's preventative controls and detection systems technology can facilitate improved performance and efficiency and deliver a realistic ROI in a fast turnaround time-frame.

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