Detection Scanners & Preventative Control Systems from EIT International

EIT International is one of the industry’s foremost suppliers of preventative controls and detection systems to the food, brewery/ beverage, nutrition, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. Many of the world’s leading companies are currently utilising the EIT International product offerings for an environmentally friendly and non-intrusive approach to GMP, quality adherence and legislative compliance by using our biofilm and bacteria scanners, crack detection scanners, heat exchanger integrity qualification and pasteurisation residence and flow validation equipment.

Talk to us about our success in reducing down-time for preventative maintenance programmes for our global client base, and helping to eliminate expensive market recall through proven technical expertise.

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Biofilm & Bacteria Scanners

Bactiscan & Bactiscope

Surface Integrity/Crack Detection Scanners

Magnerscan MAG3

Heat Exchanger Integrity Systems


Pasteurisation Residence & Validation


Environment & CSR Statement

At EIT International, the environment and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of strategic importance not only for the business, but for our customers to whom we provide a service every day.

We understand that this is a changing and evolving world, our products, as well as our decision making must adhere to environmental legislation and CSR standards at the highest level. EIT international, as a leader in preventative controls and detection systems for some of the world’s largest food, beverage, pharma and petrochemical companies shall provide services to sustain the highest standards including the impact to the environment and the ability to sustain a strategic approach to such.

In order to meet the evolving challenges, legislation and requirements of our customers with regard to the demands of environmental and CSR experiences, EIT reassess and implement these strategies as and when necessary or appropriate. EIT International is proud that our creative engineering solutions enables our customers to meet their own environmental and CSR targets every day.

EIT International's contribution to the environment directly impacts our value in the market. We recognise the value inherent in designing a CSR strategy that is reflective of best industry practice seen across all sectors.

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